Futures Market Commentary

Przemyslaw Radomski - Inside Futures - 1 hr 14 mins ago

In our Mondays analysis, we emphasized that a lot changed from the short-term point of view, even though price changes in gold and silver were small. On Tuesday, we argued that closing our short position on Tuesday had been justified. Mining stocks soared by over 3% making yesterdays session the...
Arkadiusz Sieron - Inside Futures - 1 hr 20 mins ago

Yesterday, the Fed released its most recent monetary policy statement. How can it affect the financial markets?
Rosenthal Collins Group - Inside Futures - 1 hr 39 mins ago

Bulls have slight bear-tern chart edge, but need to show more power soon to keep it.
Daniel D. Burke - Inside Futures - 2 hrs 8 mins ago


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