Futures Market Commentary

Mohammed Isah - Inside Futures - Wed Feb 10, 8:17PM CST

EURUSD: Having taken back all of its intra day losses to close flat on Wednesday and following through higher during Thursday trading session , EURUSD faces further bullish offensive short term
Gregor Horvat - Inside Futures - Wed Feb 10, 4:10PM CST

AUDUSD has no direction for the last few weeks, actually pair is still trapped in a sideways range since September 2015, so we assume that something more complex is unfolding here.
Mohammed Isah - Inside Futures - Wed Feb 10, 6:57AM CST

Having halted its weakness to close higher on Tuesday and followed through higher on Wednesday, GBPUSD aims at 1.4591 level on bullishness
Gregor Horvat - Inside Futures - Tue Feb 09, 9:18AM CST

EURCAD is turning down from 61.8% where we are waiting on signs of a confrimed top in place since we have five waves down from January high followed by three waves up since start of February, thus a corrective move.

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