Futures Market Commentary

DeWayne Reeves - Inside Futures - Wed Feb 10, 4:57PM CST

E-Mini S&P 500:    Market conditions react to Fed Chair Yellen’s teetering between the lines!   
Sol Palha - Inside Futures - Wed Feb 10, 12:53PM CST

  The economic recovery is an illusion, and this illusion is completely shattered by this one chart. The average person continues to work harder and harder but at the end of the day continues to take home less money when inflation is factored into the equation.  
Markus Gabel - Inside Futures - Wed Feb 10, 2:21AM CST

Analysis of market trends via Dow Theory from top trader Markus Gabel. The prognosis is carried out using the weekly, daily and hourly charts of the HALIBURTON .
DeWayne Reeves - Inside Futures - Tue Feb 09, 6:00PM CST

E-Mini S&P 500:    Fed Chair Janet Yellen testifies!

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