Futures Market Commentary

MBM Research - Inside Futures - Fri Apr 01, 6:53PM CDT

Investors that are focused on stock markets assets are usually interested in the subdued market volatility and conservative price opportunities that are generally available.  For the most part, this strategy tends to do its job as market activity aligns with the historical averages.
MBM Research - Inside Futures - Fri Apr 01, 8:42AM CDT

So far this year, we have seen a tremendous run higher in stock markets.  According to most of the commonly accepted metrics, corporate earnings have been stronger and macroeconomic factors in the underlying economy have seen steady improvements.  This has led many recent investors to...
Richard Cox - Inside Futures - Fri Apr 01, 7:47AM CDT

In 2015, we have not seen as much attention focused on the commodities space or on oil in particular.   There is good reason for this, as equity markets are now closing out a historic bull run that has unfolded over the last six years and investors are still deciding whether or not it...
Richard Cox - Inside Futures - Fri Apr 01, 7:48AM CDT

Commodities markets have been a source of frustration for many traders in the last two years as volatility has picked up in many unpredictable instances.  This has forced valuations in precious metals to their lowest levels in recent memory, and those looking to establish contrarian...

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