Commodity Prices for E-Mini Silver
Delayed Futures - 15:27 - Monday, January 22nd
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Futures Commentary and Analysis

Tom Fritz - Inside Futures - 48 mins ago

Struggling to Recover after USDA
Alan R. Palmer - Inside Futures - 1 hr 6 mins ago

Soymeal up 10% in six days folks! Hogs look toppy to me since you boys have been bearish for months. New high stops of course.
Andrew Pawielski - Inside Futures - 1 hr 36 mins ago

Seasonal Algo – May/Nov Soybean Historical Price Movement May/Nov Soybean – Bull Spread – Weekly/Daily Breakdown of Today’s Update Published 1/22/18 1:30 pm central: Traders, Here is an update for a seasonal spread opportunity in the soybean market. This is a bullish...
Robert White - Inside Futures - 2 hrs 44 mins ago

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