Commodity Prices for LIFFE EuroDollar
Delayed Futures - 07:12 - Wednesday, February 22nd
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Futures Commentary and Analysis

ElliottWave-Forecast - Inside Futures - 24 mins ago

USDPLN Intraday Elliott wave view
Paul Georgy - Inside Futures - 1 hr 54 mins ago

Grain markets are slightly higher on short covering. The US Dollar is higher with crude a bit lower creating some headwinds for grains. Stock indices remain near all-time highs.
Nick Mastrandrea - Inside Futures - Wed Feb 22, 3:35AM CST

Yesterday the markets continued its upward movement and trend. Can that continue today? Read on to learn more...
Gregor Horvat - Inside Futures - Wed Feb 22, 2:24AM CST

USDCHF was in a strong uptrend in the last few months of 2016, so recent sideways price move since mid-December is just another correction or pause within uptrend.

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