Commodity Prices for Nasdaq 100
Delayed Futures - 12:43 - Monday, November 20th
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Cash (NDY00) 6314.51s -24.63 6343.76 6343.76 6308.48 0 6339.14 11/17/17 Quote | Opinions | Options

Futures Commentary and Analysis

Daniel D. Burke - Inside Futures - 33 mins ago

Paul Rejczak - Inside Futures - 1 hr 1 min ago

S&P 500 index lost 0.3% on Friday, as it retraced some of Thursday's rally. Is this a short-term topping pattern or just pause before another leg up?
Jack Scoville - Inside Futures - 1 hr 43 mins ago

WHEAT General Comments: Wheat closed higher in Chicago and a little higher in Minneapolis to close out the week. Chicago was still a little lower for the week. Futures traders still hope for improving demand as Egypt was able to buy despite a court ruling there that prohibited Ergot in any Wheat...
Jack Scoville - Inside Futures - 2 hrs 33 mins ago

COTTON General Comments: Cotton was higher again Friday in response to very strong weekly export sales and on ideas that overall demand has been underestimated. The report gave the market Bulls a shot in the arm at a time when the futures market could be bottoming. The chart patterns suggest that...

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