Futures Market Commentary

Layne Hermansen - Inside Futures - 8 mins ago

Trend line targets to the upside
Dan Hueber - Inside Futures - 41 mins ago

Often comedians and writers will use hyperbole or exaggeration to really try and emphasize a point. “It has been raining so hard and for so long that I am beginning to see animals line up two by two.” Romeo was a bit more poetic when said of Juliet, “The brightness...
Jack Scoville - Inside Futures - 1 hr 12 mins ago

COTTON General Comments: Cotton was higher in recovery trading. It looks like the sellers decided to take the day off and futures were able to recover. The charts show July has now returned to the previous trading range. Trends are down. Cotton has become available to the market as the rally has...
Ira Epstein - Inside Futures - 1 hr 24 mins ago

Stock indices continue rallying with the S&P 500 Index pointing to further gains

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