Futures Market Commentary

Michael Seery - Inside Futures - 6 mins ago

Przemyslaw Radomski - Inside Futures - 37 mins ago

Remember how mining stocks soared on Valentines Day and how we wrote that a rally is not necessarily bullish? Guess what this rally has been more than erased. Miners not only closed below the February 14th opening price, but also below the February 13th and 12th closing prices. Mining stocks big...
John Caruso - Inside Futures - 37 mins ago

Conditions Ripe for ShortSqueeze
Dan Hueber - Inside Futures - 43 mins ago

I am not aware of any significant shift in the weather patterns in South America but gauging from the action witnessed in the grain and soy markets yesterday as the day wore on, one might have been led to believe something different. Outside lower day in corn, solid pressure in wheat and what...

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