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Meal 10% in 6 days, Hogs toppy?
Alan R. Palmer - IF - Mon Jan 22, 2:30PM CST

MACRO EVENT- WASH. BROKE broken, = Default

The time for opening your new account before the chaos has past,

has been chirped about here last few months. Be careful, fundamentals are for, ?? now needing reason for hanging onto losers, my opinion.

You don't know what's under hood of a trade. Did they get BillyBlo to sell 10,000 options at a tick? New fundamentals market machinations?

Disciplined traders are suggested to wait this event if unsure. A budget bustout was mentioned in campaign as I pointed out, why you listen to what they say.

Now Trump can go two ways here and we all know "haircut' also mentioned if you listen to the rail. I have talked about this event for years. It is live. When mkts go vertical

You need an olive line!

Govt Broke- starve it all? Only when tide goes out do we see who is naked. Do not become Gold man hood ornament is my trading floor saying I share again. No resting orders aimlessly. These will become calculated large 20% moves, up from 2-4% in 2015, old NASDOG chirps.

Work open buy wheat orders, but this may be triggered. Get someone with a game plan of how you get spoofed

Long term macro assessment helping traders navigate while sharing my intimate market knowledge,

All of this is relevant market ideas, now game on DEFAULT. King Apple to pay only $38 BIL once !

A $1 TRIL company? Only 3.8 cents on dollar of mkt cap is contribution to US Society? This will be AAPL 1st tax bill after 20 years? This can't go on in USA and reason for this Default! End point live. I have warned of dislocations and ridiculed but game on now.

Stay long Ags but this can get crazy first. Risk in Ethanol, Corn. I think market have chance to get a little chaotic so watch that algo! This is when you can make your year fast which is client first priority.

You probably have trading ideas anyway, trade for cheap, so this is no interest to you. GS charges 14% of assets in commodity product I saw.

In case

FB - Facebook Family first now? Eye Ball brainwashing falls to 2nd? You Lie!?

Future issue-? Kids College fund went to Apple phone devices instead, social ill's of tech tax free abuse, addicting and thousands of scientist's (engaging, diverting your attention) duties everyday they come to work. This can be any tech company but top 5 cornered and diverted science for a few kings running your mind on the expensive device you pay $800 for, then $600 to hook up a year.. Pretty amazing odds if I told you that 15 years ago.

Soymeal up 10% in six days folks! Hogs look toppy to me since you boys have been bearish for months. New high stops of course. SH $9.45 1/2 hit right before USDA was OLB. Don't fadetoo early but tomorrow is 7th day.

US dollar- Why would anyone buy dysfuctional fiscal, I digress. The World is way over populated which means we will have millions storming the border soon.

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