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Gamma crashing, Olives say major turns now?
Alan R. Palmer - IF - Thu Dec 07, 2:06PM CST

THERE IS A FACE-FULL OF IMPORTANT LEVELS, Turns in commodities, meats bounce, see Walsh for a look at todays feeders, and live.

from which to plan strategy is how I see these charts.

OL's are hitting 12 markets, maybe more as is usual. This is the panic and chaos algorithm I talk about and how it affects Human brains, the way this "engagement is that what these doink's call it?

This is water Board of Trading to Traders in slow motion. They are finishing crushing the last of floor pros. Now it cannibalizes up to Farmers and Ranchers as we have seen with 13% swings regularly off my extremes be it; trend-lines hidden in duration to you. This is how I say you pin point.

Entry orders with simple stops and forget. Your committed to buying wheat at my olive like last year Chgo, this year KC, Hey KC/CHGO spreads turned in this collapse, wheat causes cancer low, has gotten a lol.. Live across board, softs also. Cocoa, Sugar, coffee is sloppy but CHECK THAT CHART IN MAY!

Positive Wheat Spreads will now be recognized by public well off OLB's of year. Same pattern explained by a no non-sense floor trader "pit rat" by nature, adhd is it? Blankfien said he had disability so we can too now. Simple levels w stops.

Jerusalem? Watch for time bomb. Maybe North Korea cuts a defense deal? Nobody like s metals.


I have over a dozen olives everywhere that hit in last 2 weeks like sugar, CT, CC now 1900. Can someone tell the shorts it's Christmas all ready. Butter is $5.75 in my Sunset's, still selling at butter olive line retail! lol but serious.

The bean charts are long term artwork. One will be exact or ticks, 1 3/8'th's in SK 9.45 I think?

Game on US DEFAULT again. I have ideas in bonds. See the boring note chart. GS Commodity ? ? ? is down its sixth year in row! That's guaranteed like gold up 11 years in row right?\

Print the chart for the next few months and put them on the desk. You can't look at the winner until some consec pattern unfolds and you may catch the whole ride. Major dislocations warning now 7 days possibly counting to, default which would be best at this point because it would curtail corporate welfare. I had 2nd hand conversation about how RX firms (evade taxes) like Abbott, North of Chgo, ABBVIE is the income tax free entity, wink, This must come to a conclusion by Saturday next! US in sequester, hit debt limit. New rules apply if,



(Boat Loans today offered at 4.37% ! ! ! SOLD is my opinion!

Alan Palmer

Markets in vertical swan dives, coffee sell stop now under 122.10,

122.60 big level pivot today.

Buy wheat for long term today?, then 4.09 but today we are here now.

4.20 1/2. Silver in extremes 1st but gold low into apex type setup. See Walsh.

Bean oil OLB 33.12, 3303 TL support, 3299 also, by the low today, meal poss head shoulder top on gap higher, funds sloppy longs but still may buy more.

Crude oil levels all same into holiday markets. Funds long 750k CL, Brent hit my 6407 OLS weeks ago so top is prob in. Spread losing since also. Wind down into yearned.

Today has had more trading opportunities where big money is changing hands, like wheat today.

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